Why Straight Talk News

Today's world is a dangerous place in which to live. Not just because of the people who do evil things, but also because of the good people who don't do anything about the wrongs they see. We can no longer remain silent and expect nothing will change.


When people are silent and do nothing - evil grows! We need to understand that we all have a responsibility to speak up in a way that can be heard. If we do not, by default we give credence to the very things we oppose. Not sure that is correct? Look at history. What happened to Jewish people during Hitler's reign? Many good people did nothing, others hid their heads in the sand out of fear, some were aware but could not fathom or believe things would escalate like they did, and many could not believe that in a day and age of enlightenment things like this could happen - but they did happen. We know the end result and the horrors of what happened.


Today we live in a world of everything from Fake News to outright propaganda being portrayed as news.  Unfortunately, many people choose to not take time to search for truth and continue along their merry way as though the last lie they swallowed was truth and even worse, then push the very lies they assume are truth as though they are facts.


We see foundational values being targeted by, in our view, an evil that seeks to distort, tear down and replace these values with anything goes. The problem is compounded by the fact that these groups which push this agenda do not believe in free speech for all. To them it means they can say anything they want - it must be according to them - and or any other view point is attacked. Those who dare to speak up for traditional values are slandered, vilified and called every name in the book including many new ones that have been made up just to keep them silent


What has happened to the rights of others, and even Christians, to speak out about today's events or the corruption in governments? We said very little to those who opposed saying the Lord's Prayer in our schools, and now that right is gone! Why, in a country founded on Christian principles, can a Nativity scene be banned in our towns? Why do we not speak with outrage when some want to force the taking away of the word 'Christmas' simply because a single person said it infringed on their rights. Surely rights must go both ways. If we choose to do nothing we allow those who will speak against us to further erode our rights. What will we answer future generations when words like 'Merry Christmas' are banned and everyone is forced to use new phrases like 'Happy Holidays'? What will history say about us?


How many slippery slopes have we, as countries, gone down only to find out too late that we did not want to be where these roads ended? We would never have knowingly gone down those roads unless we were lied to or never told the dangers. But we were assured they were the best way, and down we blindly went.


More than ever before, we must rise up and speak out. There is power in the spoken word - but who will speak words of truth and reality today? Those that oppose us have been speaking - and look at what they have accomplished in a short time. Will you start to speak? Don't wait for someone else. Even if you feel alone, even one voice crying in the wilderness makes a difference.


An important part of the STN mission is education, offering views and concepts you may not have heard or even thought of. Political, educational and media establishments have, for a long time, been presenting a very distorted view of so many facets of life. More often than not mocking or attacking those who dare to speak up or share an opposing view. Out of fears that range from not knowing how or what to say, combined with a fear of being called racist or worse, many good people have chosen to become silent, content to stay in the perceived safety zone of their own thoughts, homes and churches.


The reality today is that many in our countries are AWOL or missing in action. Why? They are afraid to speak out for when they do they get attacked and in some case not just by words but physically.


Just look around the world all around us. Evil is on the rise! Who is opposing it? So many special interest groups have hijacked and stolen the very foundational values many of our countries were founded on.


Muslim communities continue to grow and dominate many landscapes around the globe. They are allowed to spew any type of speech they deem is important to their cause, yet cry 'racist' and whine they are misunderstood or attacked for no reason if anyone else speaks their mind. Why are they like this when they claim they are a peaceful religion? Many Christian believers today have become blinded and buy into a 'sanitized' and therefore inaccurate view of Islam. They don't even realize it was shaped by the dictates of Islamic policy-makers and those that choose to align themselves with this group, rather understand what reality actually looks like.


After reading the above many will go on a rant to try and discredit STN; to say that we are against Muslims or we are racist and a whole host of other falsehoods. But, the reality is we oppose the mandate that is being pushed; and we resist the actions of those who seek manipulate the freedoms offered in the west in order to force us to change into something else or force our countries to adopt sharia law.


Immigration has its place. We believe that those who seek entry into to our country and will adopt our values and assimilate into our way of life are welcome. Those that will not assimilate and become one with us should stay away. If they want to live under sharia law, then stay where that is the law of the land.


We are opposed to politicians who spend most of their time attacking those who they claim are right-wing while they themselves break the laws by doing drugs and choosing to align themselves with groups that have anything but traditional values.


We stand against the politicians who during election time promise anything and everything just to get the vote no matter how self-serving their agenda is. And those who twist the truth to prove (to those who will not take the time to seek truth) that the other guy is the bad person.


We owe it to those who are being blinded others, whether by corruption, by false religions, by living corrupt lifestyles, to share that there is another view point for them to consider. We owe it to our country to stop the onslaught against our liberties by lies, deception and violence. We must resist those who seek to lead our country further into a land ruled by those with agendas that seek to control, enslave and demand we live according to what they say - no matter how corrupt or vile it is.


We will stand with others of like mind who want to stop the further degradation of our county's values. Where we can agree, we will stand with others. This does not mean in anyway shape or form we will agree with everything some groups do. It simply means we seek to walk in unity if at all possible for the betterment of all.


We also declare our love, support and commitment to Israeli people wherever they may be found.


We will speak up where truth is distorted. We will do our best to keep you informed so you can share with others.


Freedom is not free - it costs. Will you pay the price? Will you do your part?